Fort Jefferson…How to get there.

A trip to Fort Jefferson is one of those experiences you will remember for a life time. The historic pre Civil War brick Fort has been called “The Gibraltar of the Gulf.”  Located 70 miles west of Key West.  It is isolated. You can reach the Fort by sea plane or by high speed catamaran ferries. There are two ferrie services: The Yankee Freedom and Sunny Days.  Sea Planes of Key West can get you out there in about 45 minutes, the boat trips are two hours plus depending on the seas.  It is nota cheap experience. A seat on the seaplane can be about $400 per seat, round  trip which includes lunch and snorkle gear. On the ferries the price ranges between $120-149 for adults and kids $85-109.  Both the seaplanes and the ferries can be adventures if there is weather in the area and the seas are running high.  Keep that in mind if you tend to have motion sickenss make sure you bring anti-motion sickness medications.  Expensive and a little challenging, sure, but well worth it. Your pictures you’ll bring back to show your friends will be well worth the trip.  

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