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Local Woman Makes Good At O.J. Hearings
September 18, 2007

You will see a lot of Nancy Oesterle in the next few weeks. She’s smack in the middle of the O.J. saga playing out in Las Vegas. Nancy Oesterle is the “media judge,” her mission is to explain the process O.J. will be going through as he requests bond, is arraigned and any other judicial functions that may impact “the Juice.” Oesterle is a Las Vegas Justice of the Peace who is media savy and is pretty high profile in Las Vegas.

Before we go further her name might be familiar to South Florida residents, especially in Miami-Dade. Nancy Oesterle’s family is well known here. She has relatives in South Florida business and politics. Clara Oesterle was a well known Miami-Dade county commissioner, other members of her family are tax consultants. Nancy is a graduate of South Miami High School. She went out to The University of Nevada later on to Cal Western and picked up a law degree.

Smart, attractive, well spoken she returned to Las Vegas and built a career in the Clark County DA’s office then was appointed in 1990 to the bench as a Justice of the Peace. She’s been reelected ever since

That Nancy is out front on the O.J. case is no surprise. Nevada, and Clark County(Las Vegas) have a long history of media trials, in fact after Florida, Nevada was one of the first states to allow camera’s in the courtroom on a regular basis.

What O.J. is faced with is a pretty well oiled Nevada Justice system. Prosecutors and police work very well together and you can bet the word is out at the courthouse and the cop shop not to drop the ball on the O.J. case. This case will have not have a Marcia Clark, a Judge Ito, a Marc Fuhrman and a jury that hates the local Cops. Las Vegas is not L.A. and the locals don’t like trouble at their hotels.

Nancy Oesterle is a TV Judge without the glamour of a network gig. She has for years produced and hosted Law for the Layman, which airs weekly on Las Vegas local TV. Sending in Nancy is a proactive strike by Las Vegas Judiciary, they want the process as transparent as possible, they do not want a repeat of the O.J. circus that surrounded his criminal trial.

Hank Tester worked in Las Vegas from 1966-1992.