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Norman Braman and The Stadium-Some History
January 8, 2008

Miami Car Dealer Norman Braman is opposed to the use of public funds for some major projects in downtown Miami. Included in a package recently approved by Miami-Dade Commission is a Baseball Stadium to be built on the site of the soon-to-be demolished Orange Bowl. Braman says he’ll sue if the plan goes forward.

According to the Miami Herald a radio commercial Braman is paying for proclaims: “Dolphin Stadium was built without taxpayer dollars. The Marlins should do the same. These property taxes were intended for the poor. The Marlins are not poor.”

Apparently Braman is death on public dollars for stadiums but not public land. One of our sports producers dug this gem out of the New York Times from November 1, 1993:

Braman May Build Stadium

Published: November 1, 1993

The Philadelphia Eagles’ owner, Norman Braman, says he will finance an open-air, grass-field football stadium if the city donates the land once occupied by John F. Kennedy Stadium.

“If the city would give me the land, I have the ability to swing it financially,” Braman said, according to today’s editions of The Philadelphia Inquirer. “I think it’s something that could be built rather rapidly,” Braman said. “And I’d like to do it without costing the city of Philadelphia 5 cents.” The field would “have to be somewhere around here; it doesn’t have to be the old J.F.K. site,” Braman said.


The County Commission still needs to give final approval to the stadium portion of the massive revamp of downtown. Braman hopes to veto that by swaying public opinion against the stadium deal which includes 155-Million from the Marlins, the County, 249-million, and the city, 121-million.