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Read this book!
January 24, 2009

The best picture yet of where the TV new biz is today and what’s right around the corner.  “The Menace of Media Speed and the 24 Hour News Cycle.”  Explains pretty well how we do it and why we do what we do………

The Menace of Media Speed and the 24-hour News Cycle

What’s wrong with this picture?
January 23, 2009

“Call me when he is  really dead.”

Everybody has a stake in how it goes……
January 19, 2009

“…..a nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

How to tell Fidel is dead or the announcement is coming from those who reguard his condition as a “state secret.”
January 14, 2009

Dr. Jaime Suchlicki heads the University of Miami Institute for Cuba and Cuban American Studies. These days he has been fielding plenty of phone calls about how to assess the rumours of  Fidel Castro’s death or looming death.  Suchlicki maintains that the Cuban Government will be the sole source of Castro’s death notice. He says until certain actions take place all the talk around Miami is just that, talk.  He also adds that Hugo Chavez is not a creditable source about Fidel’s condition.

Suchlicki gave me a checklist of events that will lead up to the announcement of Castro’s death. They are:

Army troops at the ready in and around Havana

Police posted throughout the capital city

Funeral music on the radio

Regular TV programming suspended

and then the Government announcement or statement from Raul Castro.

Even if you do not speak much Spanish you can check out several powerful Cuban Radio Station.  You best bet are stations on 890, 900, or 910kc on the AM dial.  Two of the three are “Radio Progresso” and they boom into Miami especially in the morning and late afternoon. 

“Those people you can’t trust for nothing, you can’t trust those people,” Cuban Exile Manuel Coll told me.  Coll might be absolutly right but unfortunatly in this case the Castro government hold all the Fidel Castro death cards.

January 14, 2009

“Did he Die again?” Jose Caragol-Hialeah City Council Member and Poet.

May The Good News be Yours!
January 9, 2009

Tony Segreto retires from WTVJ. Thanks for all the years at one of America’s great television stations.

Who needs the Gators?
January 8, 2009

I have the “Jacks.”  Hank Tester, 1966 Graduate of Northern Arizona University. Yes, we have a football team too!

No Bush! Senate Race Now Free-for-all!
January 6, 2009

He’s not going to run. Will it be Marco Rubio v. Dan Gelber? Stay tuned America….meanwhile Jeb will be…. Jeb.

“Bad bugs never die.”
January 1, 2009

He still hangs on and some of my sources say he is trying to take back power…….