Hope the Primary Goes Well…Early Voting Slow Going!

I voted early. The line was long. About 30 folks in front of us. We took and hour from arrival to walking out of the Coral Gables Library.  My reaction? I  hope that the Primary goes a lot faster! If not the headlines will not be pretty.  I found that the process involving the new scanning machines was a bit cumbersome. Check in with the clerk, get the ID verified, a receipt is printed out and placed on a folder, advance to the privacy booth to fill in choices and then to the scanner.  Lots of help along the way provided by well trained poll workers but again it just went slow.  We did see many potential leave as they did not want to put a big time hole in their Sunday afternoon. We stuck it out realizing we’d never be able to spend the time on Tuesday. One reason that most early voters were longer in the booths was the huge number of Judges on the ballot. I thought I had a pretty good idea about those races but turns out there were more than a few that had me stumped. I follow courts on occasion and check out who has filed but there must have been ten contests featuring judges.  Slow or not I will be in line for General Election early voting. I just hope Sunday’s experience does not forecast a South Florida Election Day melt down.


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