We drove our youngest up to Tallahassee last Friday, got her settled in and got the call. “Can you be in Key West for Sunday’s 11pm newscast. Fay was approaching, a tropical storm, and our management wanted to activate what we call “the Key West Bureau.” Bottom line my wife and I got up at 5am Sunday morning drove to Miami. I was in town less than two hours when I got dropped off at Photographer Mike Zimmer’s House. Within minutes we were off to the Keys. 7Pm and we were gathering news on Duvall Street. Monday was the day of the storm, Tuesday was a story on the economic impact of $10 million dollars of lost revenue for Keys hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions. That story did not air, bumped by extensive coverage of Fay. Wednesday a break, a Miami Police officer shoots and kills a suspect and Fay poured all over the story, we were soaked twice. Thursday, off to Lake Okeechobee to find that due to Fay and other recent rains the lake is up to 12.22 feet. On the way home I get a call. It is my stepdaughter who we had left in Tallahassee. “Is this storm coming out way? she asked. I took out my lap top checked the radar and told her, “yep it is on the way.” Off on Friday, that morning she calls, “it’s here, nasty windy weather.”  Meanwhile Friday afternoon another band of Tropical Storm Fay pounds the house, Fay clean up postponed till Saturday.  Enough already Fay.


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