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Thank you Dr. Thompson………………
July 31, 2008

“When things get weird, the weird turn pro.”

Dr. Hunter Thompson


July 18, 2008
July 18, 2008


“May the good news be yours.”  -Ralph Renick

July 8, 2008

If this whole A-Rod/Madonna caper has a familiar ring to it you are not far off the mark. This is not the first time a high profile ballplayer has spent some time with the “Material Girl.”  Just ask Jose Conseco, another Miami product about Madonna and her infatuation with Latin Baseball stars.  Canseco’s first book, “Juiced” has a whole chapter devoted to his rather strange encounter with Madonna. Check out pages 99 to 109, the chapter entitled Madonna’s “Bat Boy.”

The other day as the A-Rod divorce papers were filed the Yankee Slugger’s personal trainer told a news crew that A-Rod was “obsessed” with Madonna. Read Canseco’s account of his visits to the aging superstar’s apartments on both the ease and west coasts and you just might get the picture of the show the women can put on! An except from the book: The next day Madonna and I talked again, and this time she got down to business:Basically, she was tired of waiting for me. “I want you to leave your wife,” she told me. “I want you to be with me. We can get married.”

Apparently according to Canseco Madonna all but stalked him and what she really wanted was to have him sire a child. She wanted to have a child with a Latin man which she indeed accomplished a few years later after marrying Carlos Leon another Cuban.

Madonna toyed with Conseco for months, according to the book.

“They always ask about having sex with her. An all I can tell them is: I don’t know. Ask someone who has,” Canseco writes in the book.

It appears Madonna loves to control, to lure, she’s got the attention of a very big fish, and A-Rod apparently took the bait. How’s it going to end? Maybe A-Rod ought to call Jose Conseco, but then maybe not. Conseco claims A-Rod hit on his former wife while he was still married to her! A-Rod might be on his own in this one.