School Board Side Show-Buy OUT CREW?

I do not often get to the School Board. Not part of my usual beat. I read and watch as they squabble over budgets, policy, and politics. It is kind of a circus. As the Miami-Dade School district struggles the board meetings are an experience in their own right. Just when things could not get any wackier as the board members were hacking away a the 2008 budget a person walks up to me and puts a half sheet of paper in my hand. 

In the heat of the massive budget crisis, the district has to trim $284 million from the shattered budget, I read what the small flyer has to say: “Save Dadeschools, Inc. is an organization with a mission to pursue and ensure the successful delivery of quality education…..Towards that end, we are asking all parents, teacher, students, psychologist, custodian, bus driver, cafeteria workers, school police, and all other Miami-Dade County Public Schools employees or Miami-Dade residents who feel Superintendent Rudy Crew has severely impacted our education systemm in negative ways to donate at least $1.00 towards our goal of one million dollars to purchase Superintendent Rudy Crew’s contract. Visit and help our cause.” 

Come to find out they are serious and have some support especially from middle management school district professionals.  I knew it was a little nuts at the School District but not to the point folks are willing to raise money to blow the Superintendent out of office and out of town. Maybe I should stop by Board meetings more often!




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