Michael Moore on the hotseat! “Shooting Michael Moore!”

Kevin Leffler knows Michael Moore.  They went to high school together. We are talking “the Michael Moore.” The guy at that a gave us “Sicko,” “Roger and Me,” and “Fahrenheit9/11,” is “lunched” by Leffler who is a college professor and CPA from the Flint, Michigan area. Leffler spent $150,00 dollars of his own funds to debunk Moore. Why he was asked?” “Because all of us around town knew Michael was stretching the truth and not treating people right.”

The 80 minute documentary is not bad for a admitted amateur. Leffler uses a lot of Moore’s techniques to build the film,  confrontation, humor, video news clips, highly edited one-on-one interviews. 

Moore’s critics will have a field day with “Shooting Michael Moore.” Leffler pokes holes in all three Moore’s documentaries, talks to folks that say he stretched the truth, misrepresented events, and had production personal shoot interviews without revealing who they actually worked for.  Moore haters will relish shots of Moore’s lakeside mansion in upper Michigan. Leffler says Moore has fudged on his tax returns, and clearly misrepresented the Cuban Health Care system in his “Sicko” production.

What brought Leffler to Miami was an opportunity to screen the production in front on Cuban-American Exiles.  It was a “soft opening premier,” a first ever showing of “Shooting Michael Moore,” that will hit the theaters later this summer.

Lefflers video taped experience with the Cuban Health system was far different than the Moore version. Much to the Exiles delight, Leffler confronted hospital staff and was guided through the segment by Dr. Darsi Ferrera dissident Doctor on the Island. The contrast presented by Moore and then Leffler is dramatic and frankly disgusting.

“Shooting Michael Moore,” certainly paints the other side of the Michael Moore story. Anyone who has seen and enjoyed his previous films should see this. Leffler has been able to produce a documentary that is as thought provoking as Michael Moore’s productions. If a documentary film is supposed to produce reaction, which Moore’s films have, then Leffler has joined the league.

And yes Leffler confronted Moore on camera. Moore refused to talk, got into a van and took off. Leffler scored a “Michael Moore moment.”

The film does need some revamped editing and needs to been trimmed time wise, it does get a bit redundant but it is certainly fun and serious at the same time. Frankly even Moore fans will get a kick out of the effort, the film is “so Michael.”

Want to see a trailer? Google “Shooting Michael Moore” and there are lots of sites carrying images.



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