Obama not just on Cuba……

We are told that Senator Barrack Obama’s speech to the Cuban American Foundation will not solely focus on Cuba. With guaranteed coverage not only from the U.S. English and Spanish press but also international news organizations in attendance Obama, it is said, will spend 5-10 minutes on Cuba and broaden the speech to layout his agenda for all of Latin America.  The presumed Democratic nominee for President will speak in the wake of an appearance by Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain. McCain speaks Tuesday in Miami and is expected to fully address the Cuba issue. 

The appearance of the two candidates in Miami within days of each other will certainly push the Cuba policy issue to the forefront in South Florida. The debate within the Cuban community is whether the current Bush Administration policy of severe travel restrictions, limited remittances, maintenance of the Embargo and refusal to talk directly with the Castro government is still a productive policy. 

Pollsters say the discussion over Cuba policy is split between older and young members of the Cuban Community. Older exiles tend to remain steadfast and support the Bush Policies. Newer arrivals and second and third generation Cuban Americans tend to be more open to travel, and even discussion with Cuban officials.


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