Just look around………….

How tough time creep into your daily life:

Saturday I am told by the lady that runs the dry cleaning outlet that she’s paying over three hundred dollars a month in gas. I say to myself, ‘how much money does this lady make a month to support that cost. Next door to the dry cleaners there is an empty store front. There used to be a boutique shoe store there. I count five empty stores in the shopping center that in normal times is full of tenants and bustling year around.  One business in the complex moved to a much smaller store front, a real down size, probably a survival tactic.  The guys at the gas station  that sits on the edge of the shopping center tell me that folks are not filling up their tanks.  At the market, which caters to a high end crowd, things are pretty much normal, but lotto is off. The car wash near by is pretty quiet for a Saturday afternoon. A quick look up and down my street later in the day reveals that two guys are washing their family cars. Have not seen that in a while.  We went out to dinner the other night in one of the Gables better restaurants. We were the only couple in the the place for sometime before several other small groups filtered in, and we skipped the high priced wine.  At the grocery store where we do our regular shopping, not the high end grocery near the house, the bill still came to over $100 bucks, meat and fish getting real expensive.  Lettuce and vegetables expensive and I have shut down our garden that normally produces lettuce and herbs. I am trying to stamp out a crop of weeds that has taken over the garden.  I got to tell you paying for lettuce in a plastic bag and $3-4 bucks a bag is painful.  And to top it off check out all the for sale signs and for rent signs in the Gables just to our east. Attached to the tiny for sale signs that are a unique Gables touch are even smaller metal signs that read, “reduced.”  Just look around……..it’s ugly.


One Response

  1. All this is news to you in the Gables?

    If you are a news reporter why do we care what your opinion is on news in our community? What happened to journalism? What happened to being objective?

    Since the so called news organizations are all now engaging in opinionism can you please direct me to a source for straight news? I really don’t care what on air people think about news events.

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