The Bridge is cool and so is the view!

Mike Zimmer, our chief photographer and I were the first TV crew to get to the top of the brand new bridge that spans Jew Fish creek at the top of the Florida Keys.  The $93-million dollar span eliminates the need for the old draw bridge that has hindered traffic for years and made hurricane evacuations always a roll of the dice. 

For our hurricane special our ace producer Mike Jenkins asked that we detail just exactly what the new bridge means for emergency operations planning in the Keys.  We gathered Irene Toner, the Director of the Monroe EOC, Col. Rick Ramsey from the Monroe Sheriff’s office and Patti Jones who handles public relations for the contractor. There we were right at the top of the bridge. The group telling us on camera how the soaring structure eliminated the need for the cranky draw bridge and  how improvements to the north of the bridge on the notorious 18 mile stretch would make evacuations smoother and safer.  That said all three in one way or another brought up the view. Yep the view from the top of the bridge is awsome.

Col. Ramsey was the first to mention it. He said it was his first time  up on the bridge and he was taken by what he saw. Those thought echoed by Patti Jones who told me that the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce folks are always asked by tourists “are we in the Keys yet?” 

Sure enough when you drive into the Keys much of the view from U.S.-1 is obscured by mangrove trees and other non native foliage.  Often you do not realize that the water is just beyond the shoulder of the road.  Driving into the Keys is like driving through a tunnel of greenery.  You can’t see the canals, the Gulf side or the Atlantic. Since there are no mountains a high bridge has to do. Best example is the Card Sound bridge which provides impressive vista of the upper Keys, but few tourists take Card Sound Road on their dash to the fun and sun further to the South.

The Jew Fish Creek bridge provides that spectacular entrance to the the Keys.  You can see for miles, it is like a live shot from a helicopter. Some of nature’s best scenery laid out right in front of your eyes.

The Bridge will open later this month. It will be interesting to see if the traffic flow is slowed by gawkers taking in the view. 

Meanwhile I am calling Andy Newman from the Keys Tourism Council and letting  him know there is a brand new attraction to promote.


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