Cubans to travel………New Exodus?

There was a stirr the other night when the word got around the Cuban Exile Community that there was a move on to allow certain Cuban Citizens to travel to other countries without having to obtain the high cost “White Card.”  At this point the travel restriction ban is just a suggestion. In fact it involves a possible petition process that is much like the samein the U.S., cumbersome.  But it is out there and what it means if enacted is Cubans would be able to go to a foreign country’s embassy and apply for a travel visa. If granted the traveler could book a flight and travel to that country. This is where it gets interesting.  Say the Cuban traveler was really attempting to get to the United States and invoking the Cuban Adjustment Act it would seem to be very easy to make it into the United State from say; Mexico, The Bahamas, and for sure Canada.  No need to hire a smuggler or risk a voyage on a raft though a quick boat run from the Bahamas might be in the mix.  Certainly the cost would be far less than the standard $7-10 thousand dollars per head smugglers not charge for a perilous go-fast trip across the Straits of Florida.  To me it appears that this potential “reform” might be part of ahidden agenda. Maybe it is a hammer to be down the road to get the United States to drop the “Wet foot/Dry foot policy.”  The proposal in effect, has the potential to recreate the 1994 Rafter Exodus only without the rafts.  Cubans dead set on getting to the United States are extremely resourceful and if they have the opportunity to begin that journey legally they would certainly take advantage. 


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