Miami Nice………

We see it happening more and more. Someone walking up to their parked car and taking out the Miami Parking Authority receipt off their dash board and giving it to the driver who is about to take the space.  Over the last year or so the City has replaced the parking meters with a receipt based vending system. On each block is dispensing machine that takes cash or a credit card. You put in the number hours you need, a receipt is printed and you put it on your dash. The police check the expiration hour to determine if you have illegally parked. I know that I always wind up putting in for more time than I really need. I guess other folks are doing the same.  So you might have some healthy time left on the receiptwhen you depart you parking spot. The receipt has no identification that links it to a car, so transferring it from one car to another is no problem.  What I find fascinating is this is occurring in Miami where fist fights and worse have occurred between drivers over parking spots. We are a city of rude aggressive drivers when road rage is a refined art. Yet here folks are ripping off the system for their fellow driver.  I will watch for a while before I call up the Parking Authority to see if the curious “Miami Nice” behavior is impacting the budget.


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