How about that HD-TV on WTVJ!

Got to love the new WTVJ in High Definition. The picture jumps right out of the TV set.  I have to admit there were three TV set milestones that I will never forget, one is the first time I saw HDTV and that was in Japan, at the Sony Lab, where a  number of us were given a sneak peek at the new technology.  That was back in 1989. It wowed me. The other two events? Seeing the black and white Indian Head test pattern for KIVA-TV, Yuma, Arizona  in 1952. Like magic there it was  on a tv set my dad had bought in Los Angles and brought home and hooked up. That was a pretty big deal for tiny Yuma.  And then of-course their was the first time I ever saw color TV. That was in a store front window in the Imperial Hardware store in Downtown Yuma.  Wow! Color!  Now HDTV on WTVJ. It is another first for the station we all call “TVJ.”  Going back to the late 1940’s, first newscast in Florida, first TV station for that matter, first live broadcasts, then first news live shots, first to convert to digital news gathering and now first in this market with HDTV. Kind of neat and does it look good! Soon we will have our field cameras in HD. The crisp video will enhance our news gathering efforts.  Details now lost in the analog cameras will be crystal clear. Better to look at, better to see, a new frontier in television.


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  1. […] how about that hdtv on WTVJ says Hank Tester and says soon they’ll have HD field cameras as well Search […]

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