Raul lays low!

My prediction is Raul Castro will lay low until the U.S. election concludes. He has surrounded himself with comfortable allies that go back many years, including the new Vice President of the Council of State. Jose Ramon Machado is about as hard-line as you can get. The 31 member council is laced with military generals who run the nation’s economy and are loyal to the new Cuban President. Word from Havana is younger Cubans, not just the Cuban Youth, were highly disappointed that nowhere in the fixed election process did the Raulista supporters throw a bone their way. There was no signal that anyone in the higher government offices or on the ruling council was going to be an advocate for the desires of Cuba’s unhappy youth. It would appear that Raul is looking for stability in the short term. In the longer term he may attempt to slowly introduce slight reforms in the government and the economy and then if and when his brother passes on feel that he has a firm hand on the tiller of state. I would suggest that if either Democrat gets into the White House Raul will attempt to communicate and seek an opening with the U.S. without promising a prisoner release, or any gesture that the U.S. has sought over the years. Remember Raul has labored in his brother’s shadow, Fidel is still around, and Raul can wait for sometime before making any serious moves. It appears that Raul has “made camp” and is in the tent for the short term.
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