McCain on Cuba:"With a little help from my Friends."

Senator John McCain was in Little Havana kicking off his Florida Primary campaign. He had lots to say about the economy, the war, and of course Cuba. Here are excepts of his statements about the Island Nation:

On the embargo:

“Continue the embargo until there are elections, human rights organizations and a free and independent country then and only then will the United States extend aid and assistance because we do not want American tax dollars going to a corrupt government headed by Raul and Fidel Castro.”

On Radio and TV Marti:

“I will spend anything that is necessary to in the case of freedom. We know what won the cold war, Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty.”

On the “wet foot/dry foot policy.”

“I rely to a large degree on my three friends (Lincoln DiazBalart Mario DiazBalart and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen)here that are members of congress…Their advice to me that this is not a good policy, but there is none(nothing)better.”

On Hugo Chavez:

“I believe that he is a threat in the region…. The best way to handle Mr Chavez is to become independent of his oil.”

On Indictments for Fidel and Raul Castro:

I asked the candidate: “Senator would you be willing, as President of the United States to ‘green light’ the indictment of Fidel Castro and Raul Castro for drug dealing and the shoot down of the Brothers to the Rescue?”
Senator McCain answered: “I have talked to Mario, Lincoln and Ileana and I would be prepared to open an investigation immediately. Seems to me the radio intercepts show very clearly that the shoot down of that airplane was orchestrated by the act of the Cuban Government.”

Travel to Cuba by Cuban American Families:

“I have to rely on my friends on that issue, but what I have to worry about, in that case, when does it begin and when does it end? …we find here and other countries, we found out in the cold war the money never goes where it was intended, it winds up in the hands of the oppressive government.”

No real news except it appears that if McCain gets into the White House the DiazBalart Brothers and Ileana Ros-Lehitnen will have a direct pipeline to the Oval Office when things Cuban bubble to the surface.


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