Hank Tester’s Fearless Predictions for 2008

The tradition continues! Here are the possible “come downs” for the New Year. Enjoy, ponder and send those E-mails!

Hank Tester’s Fearless Predictions for 2008:

Big personal and political problems for a heavy hitter in the South Florida Criminal Justice System.

An unlikely personality will emerge phoenix-like from the ashes of the 2007 Miami Dolphins

Nothing will change for the Cuban People no matter if Fidel lives or dies, the same for Miami’s Exiles.

Prior to the U.S. Presidential election there will be either: A major terrorism attack alert, or the U.S. Government announces a foiled terrorist attack.

A terrorist act does occur.

A local (South Florida) University big shot will walk the plank by years end.

Slots will pass in Miami-Dade County.

Inflation will stall the South Florida Economy but not the tourism industry.

Governor Charlie Crist will break his pick on the twin issues of property tax reform and insurance rates. Citizens will not be happy.

A horrible event will sour the celebrity gossip craze.

Shaq is done, baked. What to do will be a headache the Heat Coach and Owner


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