Chavez’s Deck of Cards

Local Venezuelans who in mass voted no on Hugo Chavez’s reform package were understandably energized by the narrow victory the opposition coalition mounted. They won, not by much, but they did and celebrations were in order. Certainly the news that many Chavez supporters could not stomach the so-called power grab had to hearten the oppositon another good reason to cheer. However Latin American Experts quickly caution that: Chavez did not lose by much, he is still very much in power until the year 2012, and he can proclaim to the world that yes indeed there is true democracy in Venezuela after all he got whipped in the election. The experts tell us that he will now pick away at the goal of turning the oil rich nation into a socialist state one drip at a time.

The best quote of the day was from the mother of a young man we interviewed. She told me that Chavez will indeed deal another card. “And,” she said, “he has a whole deck of cards.” And let me add: A whole bunch of oil.


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