Turkey Soup is on!

I am not a real big fan of Turkey. Unless it is mesquite smoked with green chili dressing, the bird is nothing I really relish. But Turkey soup, that’s another story. I keep an eye on the Thanksgiving Turkey, watch it sliced, eaten, enjoyed. What I am waiting for is the moment when I say, “are we through with this?” That’s when I grab a big old stock pot, break down the bones, pour in several quarts of water, and anything I can find in the refrigerator that will flavor the soup. I have herbs that I grow in our backyard garden. I toss in a few of them, fire up the burner till there is a light boil then put it on low. The next day: Turkey Soup!

Next step, pull out all the bones, place the soup in the refrigerator, next day scrap off the fat that rises to the top of the stockpot.

My favorite is to serve the soup, especially if it has lots of meat, over a bed of rice with a slab of white cheese. The melted cheese really gives the soup and rice additional body. I prefer seasoning the final product with some La Victoria Green Taco Sauce. That’s real living and how I like my Thanksgiving Turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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