Dermer gone! The Beach won’t be the same!

I gotta tell ya I am going to miss Mayor David Dermer. A new Mayor was sworn in Wednesday. We wish her luck. Matty Bower is a true character but Dermer was one-of-a-kind. Dermer made it fun to cover Miami Beach Government. I am sure there are plenty of folks out there who are not unhappy that he’s termed out and out the door. I know that he could drive bureaucrats and politicos crazy and one tourism official I know would clinch his fists and pop neck veins when he heard Dermer’s name. I am not here to judge his tenure as Mayor, I’m not a political reporter, but when Dermer was on an issue it was intense. It was fun to watch him walk into a room. He’d size it up in a second, note who was there, and work the crowd like it was his last campaign. I always got a kick out of the picture he had outside his office. A shot of he and his father, young David sitting at his father’s desk on the phone. His father was Jay Dermer, Mayor Jay Dermer, Miami Beach’s youngest ever Mayor. Like father, like son, David grew into the chair and did very well. Always quick with a quip, he gave me a hard time one day during a press conference. Later he called to apologize. I really appreciated that, showed some class. Dermer was a non-stop event, always on the move, energy at all times, he could wear you out. I think we are going to miss that.


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