Joe Cool Custody Battle. Is it about the Money?

Members of the Branam family were in family court the other day. There is a battle among family members over the custody of Jake and Kelly Branam’s children. Jake and Kelly were on board the Joe Cool when apparently they and two crew members were murdered. Their bodies were never found. A murder trial in federal court for two suspects is on the horizon. Meanwhile the Branams are trying, with the help of a family court judge and a bevy of lawyers, to sort out the fate of the children. They are currently in the custody of their great grandfather who is apparently antagonizing other family member concerning visits. That aside a new wrinkle in the unfortunate and tragic family dispute reared its head.

The mother and aunt of Kelly Branam, Jake’s wife, brought into court a respected Miami probate attorney. Adrienne Promoff discussed the difficulty of the situation since there is no official pronouncement if the couple is living or dead. It does appear that the wife’s relatives are keeping a sharp out on the value of Jake Branam’s estate. Jake’s family, who live on Star Island, appears to have significant resources. The two children would be eventual heirs. Kelly’s mother Leanne Van LaarUttmark wants temporary custody of the children.

Leaving the courthouse Adrienne Promoff told the news media that, “We certainly will be looking at the assets.”


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