Miami Federal Court House Sick?

“Hank, it is really bad, I have nose bleeds and headaches,” a long time acquaintance I have in the Old Federal Courthouse told me. The Dye Building is sick I was told by the person who has toiled in the architecturally and historic building for years. “What I can’t understand is none of the TV stations or the newspapers have paid much attention to it.” My source went on saying that the new Federal Courthouse built on the old WTVJ site on Miami Avenue was plagued with problems and moving out was not coming soon enough.

A number of other workers confirm the concerns. A Daily Business Review article indicated that Chief Federal Judge Federico Moreno urged court personnel to visit their physicians if they feel they have problems.

The Courthouse problems surfaced when Judge Ted Klein passed away due to what described as a mysterious respiratory disease. Julie Kay who writes for the site has detailed what workers feel is an unusual amount of mold, contaminants and toxins, especially on the upper floor where the roof has leaked over the years.

A high profile plaintiff attorney is poking around the issue.

“Please do something for us,” my contact asked me. He was visibly upset.


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