Hard shot fired at Brigade 2506

The federal court law suit filed on behalf of former Cuban Air force General Rafael del Pino makes for interesting reading. The General made a daring 1987 escape out of Cuba flying a small plane and landing in South Florida. He has been a bit of a controversial figure since with some members of the exile community. The suit alleges that local radio and TV hosts, most who are associated with broadcast properties operated by the UniVision network have urged del Pino be executed, have given his address out on the air, have labeled him a traitor, have dubbed the plaintiff a undercover agent for the Castro regime. Also name in the suit the 2506 Brigade and several of the groups officials.

As a young fighter pilot in the Cuban Air force del Pino flew critical missions against the 2506 Brigade as they assaulted the Beach at Playa Giron (The Bay of Pigs). del Pino’s T-33 chopped up the aging B-26 bombers exile pilots were flying. It is now that many in the Brigade are critical of del Pino who has authored some opinion articles urging the possibility of negotiation with Raul Castro and also criticism of what he termed Miami’s right wing Cubans. Members of the Brigade went on a local TV show and got pretty tough with del Pino who had appeared on an earlier show and whose comments were inserted in the show via video tape.

And how does the suit describe the now aging members of the 2506 Brigade, del Pino’s one time foes and once again enemies:

“The original members of Brigade 2506 acted under patriotic loyalty to ring democracy to Cuba. Today, Brigade 2506 no longer represents the energetic modern Cuban community, but rather, Brigade 2506 predominately consists of old retired CIA supported self designated “Cuban Patriots” who actively pursue donations from “right wing” foundations so that they will enjoy a comfortable retirement. Brigade 2506’s current purpose is no more than an effort to seek publicity so that its member personally will not be forgotten, nor unsupported.”

There is more to read, but for sure, del Pino won’t be cocktailing anytime soon with members of the 2506 Brigade.

The suit, which has been assigned to a Federal judge, alleges that the actions of the Brigade members and the Radio and TV hosts quelled del Pino from exercising his right to free speech and he was verbally assaulted by the Brigade 2506 and its officers.


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