Noel Pier Tour: Sunny Isle Pier End of the Storm

By the time that we got to Sunny Isle Pier we heard that the Tropical Storm watch had expired. It could not have been a more beautiful day. Sure the surf was way up, crashing into the pier pilings but the sun was out and the breeze was not as intense as it was earlier. Frankly it was a beautiful day. Sad to say this Pier was also closed, damaged over the last couple of hurricane seasons and the city and the pier owner have not settled on how to fix it. We talked to two Italian guys, who spoke no English but they made it clear that they were enjoying the show and the sun. Nice pictures of the weather, the surf and lots of tourists having a beer at the pier restaurant which remains open. We are off now to edited our story, slap together a few words and some awsome video and put it on TV!


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