Noel Pier Tour: Deerfield Beach

Cameraman Joe Harzinski and I are on the “Noel Pier Tour.” What better way to gauge the impact of Noel than to check out the wave action at the Fishing Piers of Broward and Miami-Dade County. This weather event has at traced lots of attention. To this point for us in South Florida the impact has more visual than anything else. Yes, there has been beach erosion and some loss of power.

Noel is a visual story and we are looking for visuals. The Deerfield Beach International Pier did not disappoint. 4 to 6 wave pounded the pilings, some really nice shots. Our weather Guy Ryan Phillips told us the winds would roll in around 11am. He was off an hour. At noon in came a rain squall and the wind howled. I estimate gusts up to 20mph or so. “Great for fishing” the pier manager told me. Sure enough some hardy fisherman were bringing ’em in at the end of the lengthy structure. We got some great shots looking back at the beach, a unique look at mother nature and a view without the anxiety of a hurricane looming. We got soaked, got our shots and we are off to Pompano Beach Pier 222.


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