Breaking: Mediation in Cuba Girl fight-Breaking

We have been informed by a juvenile court spokesperson that phase two of the custody trail involving the five-year-old Cuban girl has been postponed. It was scheduled to begin Monday morning October 29th. The reason given is both sides in the issue are continuing with mediation. This is the case of the girl who is in foster care with well known Miami businessman Joe Cubas and his wife Maria. The Cubas family has adopted the girls half brother and seek to adopt the girl. The girls father, Rafel Izquierdo, wants to take her back to Cuba. After a lengthy trial he was found to be a fit father by Juvenile Court Judge Jeri Cohen. The proceedings have produced a nasty legal battle.
The Judge’s ruling declaring Izquierdo a fit father had been appealed and the second phase of the trial had been halted, however Judge Cohen said she was going forward with the case in the best interest of the child. She did however urge the two sides seek mediation and that in fact happened. The question tonight is there any progress and is the postponement of the trail an indication that the legal teams are working their way towards a solution? We will be working on this story.


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