This and that from the streets.

The sport fishing boat “Joe Cool” has been removed from the dock at Coast Guard Station Miami. We are told the boat had been taking on water. It has been moved to a shipyard in the Miami area. The four person crew still missing.

Slot operators in Broward County have to be sitting on pins and needles as the Governor negotiates with the Seminole Tribe. A misstep and a failure to reach a compact with the Indians could result in the Department of Interior allowing Las Vegas Slots and table games at the local Indian Casinos. Besides the state losing out on huge revenues the Broward slot operators would be faced with offering a limited product, just Vegas Slots and Poker. The slot operators remember well when, for a week, the Seminoles offered ultra high stake poker games. The Hard Rock operation sucked hundreds of customers out of the Mardi Gras, Gulfstream, and Pompano Race track slot barns.


Political race to watch: in the Keys former Key West Mayor Jimmy Weekly set to take on current Mayor Morgan Mcpherson. Weekly is a political powerhouse on Bone Island but his supporters, sure he would win, stayed home during the last election. That won’t happen this time we are told. Jimmy is out of the butcher shop and ready to do battle. The Key West Mayor’s job is high profile especially during hurricane season when the Mayor spends lots of time on national TV.


Want to see global warming for real. Local scientists tell me that during a full moon and high tide the water that flows over roads and parking lots at Matheson Hammock is because of the rise in water levels in the Atlantic due to global warming. Matheson Hammock did not flood like that 30 years ago they say.



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