The Garden is in. All is Well

My garden is well on the way to being ship shape by November. For once I got my strawberries planted in time so that the fruit will benefit from the cooler weather which brings out the flavor and size. Because of past years hurricane scares I have not been able to plant much before October and that’s just too late for strawberries and not real good for the tomatoes.
Tending to a garden is a real nice break from the news business. The work is slow, simple and predictable. Just getting hands dirty has rewards. Having grown up on a ranch, to me, there is nothing better than the smell of tilled earth. It is so productive. Over the years I have nurtured my 12×12 garden with some of the best compost I have ever produced. The leaves from my avocado tree really break down nicely and with the addition of some good old Black Cow Manure I get some real nice mulch/compost. I tossed a bunch of earth worms in the garden last year and they have thrived, working their magic on what otherwise would be a tightly compacted piece of dirt.
So far I have in, besides the strawberries and tomatoes, basil, rosemary, bell peppers and jalapeno peppers. I have planted seeds for hot weather lettuce, I am trying romaine, and experimenting with carrots and radishes which do not traditionally grow well in the South Florida heat. What baffles me is I have not found any parsley at my local Home Depot. This weekend I will hit the street and some of my favorite nurseries to see if they have any. I favor the Italian Parsley, the snails destroy the regular curly parsley.
So on the horizon are fresh lettuce salads, with tomatoes, pesto on my favorite whole wheat pasta and lots of sofritos with the green peppers don’t forget the parsely in the white clam sauce! With lettuce and spinach costing $3.00 dollars a bag my garden has really turned into a money saver. Seeds are cheap, lettuce shipped in is not, just check the prices!
Relaxing, rewarding, I love my garden. I think everyone should till a little dirt and plant a few seeds, it would make for a better world, mine sure is!


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