Who Is Yanking Our Castro Chain?

It seems like Fidel Castro dies every Friday. For the last few weeks the last day of the work week has seen our news room scrambling to check out the multiple rumors swirling from Sweetwater, over to Hialeah, on to the heat of Calle Ocho that Fidel had gone toes up.

I took plenty of calls:
“My sister has a brother who is a policeman who has been told to report for work tonight because Fidel died.”
“The Police Chief from Sweetwater was called back from vacation because Fidel Died.”
“My cousin works at the U.S. Attorney’s office and they all went home early.”
“There has been a series of High level police meetings today.”
“There is a big road block at the top of the Keys because Fidel Died.”
“What have you heard, I hear there are tanks in the streets of Havana.”
“There is a full alert at MIA.”
“NBC National News is working on Fidel.”
“Fidel’s death will be announced at 3:00pm.”
“The Cuban Government will have an announcement at 4:00pm.”
“The Cuban TV is running a documentary about Fidel.” “German Intelligence will report that Fidel is dead.”

As far as we can tell Fidel is still alive. Will he die again this Friday? Probably. I have to admit that I fear that there is some type of manipulation going on. Is it the Cuban Government and its extensive spy network stirring up trouble in the exile community? Is it the U.S. Government slowly sapping the excitement out of the Exiles so they won’t party Miami to a stand still when the real announcement comes?

Someone is behind the “Friday Fidel Follies.”

My guess it is the Cubans. The have done an excellent job of transition of power. Fidel to Raul has been seamless, perfect to keep Cuba’s governmental scam alive and in total control. So why not slow down the Exiles? Get ’em fired up so much that when the real deal comes down there is almost a “so what” attitude. Perfect of the Cubans, they get to have a major funeral, all eyes focused on the Island, Raul and his fragile coalition of generals and bureaucrats get to roll on without too much fuss from across the Straits of Florida.

I remember all too well when the Cuban Spies were on trial the extensive discussion of the group’s use of “Active Measures.” Part of the spy task was to stir up the exiles, get the in conflict with each other, get them into the streets for any reason, make them look bad in the eyes of the rest of the U.S. Are the Cubans initiating active measures?

Yep someone out there is manipulating the South Florida Exiles and the local news media. The “Friday Fidel Follies,” are some one’s project that if nothing else seems to be very effective in generating a lot of buzz.”

Please call me when he is really dead.


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