Castro Not Dead and Still in control

Sometimes a good quote puts it all into perspective. I got a good one from Frank Hernandez-Trujillo the other day. Frank heads up a very low key U.S. Government organization that sends goods and material into Cuba. The story we were producing dealt with the one year anniversary of the transfer of power on the Island. It appears that the Castro Brothers passed the baton without a misstep. How could they do that, with the ailing Fidel in what appears to be permanent sick bay? How has Raul kept things in line.? After all Frank and I agreed nothing had changed in Cuba in the year Raul has run the show. Fidel occasionally writes a newspaper article and now and then appears on video tape. Here is how Frank put it: “Mao Zedong (the hard core Chinese Dictator known as Chairman Mao)…was writing his poems and people were deadly afraid of him and it is the same with Fidel Castro.” We can take that quote to the bank.


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