Florida Vacation Day Six: Shark Spotted

The water had been full of bait fish all day. In came the larger fish, in massive schools, churning up the water, dolphins began working closer to shore and as the sun dipped in the west, there was Mr. Shark. No one was in the water, it was the end of the day and we only caught on to him because we have a pair of binoculars and we were up on our condo balcony. It was classic as all the experts tell you, sharks like to feed in the twilight and this guy was right on time, but he kept right on heading north, not to be seen again. Not one person on the beach knew he was in the neighborhood.
The major news story in the local paper announces that baby turtles are hatching and a good number of them are making into the water. There was a short police chase, but the guy crashed into a cement mailbox and surrendered after being zapped by a tazer. It was a domestic beef and the guy’s wife had beat him up.
We were on the beach early after last night’s terrific dinner in a water-side restaurant. A so-Florida atmosphere, the restaurant is in a screened chickee hut. The breeze was cool, a surprise for this time of year, nice crowd, not packed and crazed like winters here. The restaurant’s owner/master chef is from Haiti, the waiters are Czechs, and the bartender is a Cuban! Just like home!
Our biggest two challenges today: fixing a broken umbrella and picking another cool dinner spot. So far the “Florida Drive Vacation” gets an “A.”


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