Florida Vacation Day Five-Breaking News!

My wife Luly was “carded” at last nights restaurant of choice! We had ordered a couple of glasses of Chardonnay and the waiter said, “before I serve you mam I have to see an ID.” Was this guy fishing for a tip or was he dead serious, then he looked at me and said, “I don’t need to worry about you sir!” “Wait a minute, don’t take that the wrong way,” he quickly added. By then all of us were laughing but he assured us that he was going to have to see a Florida Drivers license. My wife had to produce a picture ID or no Chardonnay. Mrs. Tester, who I consider and know for a fact is the most beautiful woman in the word presented her Florida drivers license and the kid about dropped his jaw. I, of course, will not reveal the birth date on the card but when we looked again the waiter had gripped the license with both hands and was looking at it in amazement. A nice act? Maybe but the always lovely Mrs. Tester reminded me that just a month ago at a Marlin’s game she was asked for an ID. The dinner was great, so was the service, I left a nice tip, and “mi esposa” is enjoying the heck out of her vacation and is out buying a new bikini!


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