Florida Vacation Day Four!

What’s great about Florida is all the free stuff you can see from a waterside balcony. Like dolphins at play and gathering dinner, pelicans diving into a school of bait fish, terrific early morning displays of lightning and pink and red sunsets laced again with searing bolts of lightning accompanied by the distant thunder. The beach is terrific and there are lots of nice folks around, many from Miami. Talking to the locals confirms what we hear all to often in Miami. High property taxes plus skyrocketing insurance rates have ground the real estate market to a near halt. Retirees are finding that holding on to their dream condo by the beach is becoming a slow spiral into debt they had not anticipated. “I am heading to Denver,” one young retired guy told me.
The upside is we rented this condo for a pretty good rate. “Got pay the nut,” The owner said.
We are off to breakfast and then to the beach.


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