Hank’s Florida Vacation Day One, Two, Three!

We are on vacation, our first since the “empty nest” phenomena hit our house. The lovely Mrs. Tester and I have a week off we decided to do what tourism guru’s Andy Newman and Bill Talbert are continually promoting, a “Florida Drive Market” vacation. We have driven, we have been shopping at a local Publix, we have the rented condo squared away, checked out the local attractions and most important the restaurants the locals frequent. I have ditched my watch, the cell phone is in the top drawer of the dresser and there is a stack of neglected New Yorker Magazines I brought along that are finely getting a shot at getting read.
Breakfast and lunch in the condo, nice dinner out on the town, mix that in with a early morning and late afternoon visit to the beach with a neck deep dip in the water and you get the picture!
Location? We will keep that a secret for now, just for fun maybe you can pick up a clue and take a guess. We will give you a daily report and at the end of the week….or maybe when the spirit moves I will will put together a full report including a break down of cost. I often report on Florida Tourism and since we are now “Official Florida Tourists” lets see what it costs, what it is like and share it with the the guys that promote it. P.S. don’t call, we will call you!


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