Goooooood Morning Miami!

Gooooooooood Morning Miami!

Yep that’s me out there in the early Mornings! I will be out in the streets for Today in South Florida all this week. Up at 2:30, a mad scramble to the scene of the morning’s story, and in an exact reverse of what we call “dayside,” we get on the air right away, no all day preparation for our story. Mornings are crazy. I should know.
Way back in 1994 WTVJ put the first morning reporter on the air. That would be me. In those days, as now, Bob Mayer was the anchor, there was my good friend Alicia Ortega sharing the anchor desk, Bob Weaver was our ace and veteran weather reporter.
Those were good times, we were breaking into new news territory. Cameraman Ricky Morris and I prowled the morning streets with a SUV that had a short microwave mask. Ricky, one of the most loyal and unique characters I have ever worked with, was cameraman, live truck operator, and bed rock of common sense.
We did well, the ratings were good and within months we had company out in the streets. Several stations fielded a morning reporting team. We had lead the way and within a couple of years the morning shows on all Miami channels were competitive and served the public well. To this day the mornings are the growth spots for local TV news as other day parts are slipping.
So it is fun to work for the next few days with cameraman Abel Aluret and live truck operator Adam Rice. Morning show crews are like family, we all look out for each other, even the folks at the other stations.
It is not unusual to see the morning photographers and reporters at breakfast together. There is something about the pain of dealing with the early hours that builds camaraderie. That’s not so say that we do not compete. There is nothing better than getting a scoop, then talking about it over eggs and grits.
So it is fun to be back for a short time. As I found way back in the mid 90’s the early hours do take their toll. It does wear you down and it becomes time to move on and your body thanks you. What’s funny is the audience seems to remember you as a morning reporter. I still get comments and an occasional, “I watch you every morning.”
Today I’ll be taking the introductions from Bob Mayer and Pam Gigante. Working with these two Anchor Pros makes getting up easy. You have to be on your toes, they have questions, they are funny, they and they do set ups as good as any in the business. Be lucky Miami that they are on the tube every morning. I watch every day. Bob and Pam wake me up. I am a big fan.
I’ll enjoy the week. Hope you do too and we’ll see ya on TV.


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