Two Dead not News in Miami Gardens

Two dead at a Miami Gardens apartment complex, police swam the area, bodies lay under yellow tarps for hours, apartment residents gather to gawk, friends and family of the two slain teens pound fists, and shriek in their grief. It was a nasty shooting. Witnesses say there were over forty shots from one or more automatic weapons. The victims were dead before they hit the ground. We worked the story all day and were set up for a live shot at 5:00PM.

Just before we went live a guy walked by, a young man carrying school books. Nice kid. “What’s going on,” he asked. “Two guys gunned down, both dead,” I said. He paused a moment then simply said, “in there?” “Yep,” I said. His reaction stunned me and it stuck with me the rest of the day. “That’s not news in there,” he said with sincerity and walked away.

I wrestled with that kids comments the rest of the day. What was eating at me was it was not my first visit to the complex, in fact I have covered several shootings and SWAT actions in and around the complex. What this kid was saying was shootings are so common that it was not news anymore, it was not out of the ordinary, it happens all the time, so why even do the story. The local paper had a small mention of the gun down on their web page, I did not see anything in my edition of the paper, and there were no other TV stations covering the incident by 5:00pm.

Residents we talked to complained about continual gun fire, fearing to go outside, gangsters running amuck. “My children don’t play outside,” Jennifer Munoz told me.

More than thirty, mostly young black men, have be killed in the last 21 months in the North End of Miami-Dade. A good portion of those homicides have occurred in Miami Gardens.

Maybe the kid had a point. I disagree, but I understand. We gotta cover it and I am glad we did. It was sad that these shootings, killings have become so routine that most folks are just numb about them. Such a sad commentary on what’s going on in the streets of South Florida.


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