Two More Dead in Miami Gardens

The address is too familiar. An apartment complex at 37th Ave and Northwest 186th Street, Miami Gardens. Two are dead, witnesses say 30-40 shots rang out around midnight. I have often covered homicides here and once there was a heist at the post office across the street where two gangsters jumped across the counter and held the place up. It was a federal caper and the FBI, Postal Service, with help from Miami-Dade Police set up a perimeter around the massive housing project. The robbers had “run back home,”according to the police. They vanished inthe complex. So here we are again, me and Robert Hernandez, the photographer who was here for the post office robbery. It is like old home week.
These kind of shootings and death are so routine in Miami Gardens that we are the only TV station here. “Not much interest,” a police spokesman told me. Sad, but true. And it is the same old story. No one saw or heard anything except for a couple of witness who a free-lance photographer grabbed just after the shooting. In the light of day no one sees, no one hears, no one knows despite the reality that it apparently sounded like a war last night and one source says “everyone knows who did it and everyone knows the dead guys.” We are set to do a noon live shot for the net broadcast but will we make the six o’clock news? It is after all a rather routine story.


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