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Us old “radio guys” shed a tear…….

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Paul Harvey…………….the act never got old, it was such a great formula and it worked for decades. A true character is gone.

” and  now that’s the rest of the story!”

My First Ever Flight on…this plane?

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1:400 scale of the plane that took me from Yuma, Arizona to San Diego, California in August of 1958…..or there abouts….then there was the F-27….

Miami Man kills wife and two children…..

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Who knows what went on behind closed doors? Pablo Amador shoots two of his three daughters and his wife. His son flees the home calling 911 and survives.  This story will live to see another day.  Police getting new information.

Thirteen years ago….February 24th, 1996

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These Cuban Airforce pilots shot down two unarmed Brothers to the Rescue Cessna 337s. 

We all know how this ended…………

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…there was no joy in Mudville.

Who will get more time in the Slammer?

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This guy or Bernie Madoff? Probably this guy!

Refugees or Scammers?

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For sure the well intentioned refugees from the oppression of the Castro Brothers continue to seek freedom in the United States. The Wet foot/ Dry Foot policy is controversial and professional smugglers risk lives for dollars. But now a new realization that some of those on board the smugglers boats might not have any desire other than get to the U.S. , generate scams and head back to Cuba with hundred of thousands if not millions in cash.  Law enforcement of the state and federal level are well aware of medical fraud, insurance fraud and home mortgage fraud that leads to newly arrived refugee who after a year or so skip back to Cuba just ahead of the long arm of the law. The question is are they, the bad guys, doing this on their own or are the getting help from the Castro government? Who shares in the cash?  The story is just now bubbling to the forefront and maybe the next reason local exiles want the wet foot/dry foot policy scuttled.

The Stadium……..out sliding home?

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Twisting in the Wind?



Word on the street is with the economy not responding, credit tight and the political climate leaning populist the proposed Miami Marlins Stadium just might not pass muster at the County Commission.  Even though the bulk of the “taxes” for the stadium would come from the hotel bed tax the Average Joe hears the word “tax” and it is not going down well even among baseball fans.  Complicating the upcoming County Commission vote is the argument coming from across the causeway.  Miami Beach politicos would rather see funds expended on ramping up facilities at the Convention Center.

Read this book!

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The best picture yet of where the TV new biz is today and what’s right around the corner.  “The Menace of Media Speed and the 24 Hour News Cycle.”  Explains pretty well how we do it and why we do what we do………

The Menace of Media Speed and the 24-hour News Cycle